Yahoo Boys And Faeces Eating

The disgusting practice of eating human faeces known, also known as Coprophagia, has been described since the late nineteenth century in individuals with mental illnesses and in unconventional sexual acts.

However, there are some cultures that engage in faeces eating for ritual purposes. Many have believed that by so doing, they will gain wealth and other material perks, while in other traditions, it is viewed as an introduction or initiation into manhood.

The eating of faeces in Nigeria dates back to the 18th Century. Some communities in Cross River State and other communities in Nigeria believed that one has to eat feaces as a proof of manhood in a community ritual made up of the old men of the community. After participating in this ritual and fulfilling the obligation as required, the young men and elders who are gathered will from then henceforth view the young man who ate the faeces as being mature enough to contribute in matters affecting the community and the society. Then and only then can he get allocation of landed properties, engage in some community activities, and qualify to make deliberations during village or community meetings.

Ironically though, while the battle against this practice of eating faeces seems to have been won gradually, there is a sudden surge of this practice in our cities, elevating it against a mere community ritual. It has become a diabolical ritual observed by some group of people who want to make quick and plenty money without having to go to work for it. And just as the people involved in it in the villages were young people, those doing it in the cities are also young people,

The dawn of this era of internet fraudsters popularly referred to as ‘yahooboys’ has reintroduced this ritual into our cities, albeit in a coded and secret manner. The naïve populace erroneously believed that being an internet fraudster had to do with how smart someone is, and his or her ability to deceive and convince the other party to part with his or her money and valuables. But confessions obtained from arrested internet fraudsters and objects recovered from their hideouts say otherwise.

In confessional statements obtained from several arrested internet fraudsters, while most of them confessed to sleeping with corpses, killing of girls and harvesting of parts of their bodies, almost 90% of them confessed to eating human faeces for power.

A case study to buttress this fact is an incident that occurred in Lagos state about a year ago. A woman was contacted by a young man on social media, facebook to be precise. They became friends and started chatting and exchanging pictures. The young man claimed to be based in The United States of America, and working in an oil rig. Few weeks after winning the lady’s confidence, he told her he was going offshores, and will be incommunicado for about a month. He then asked the lady to be calling his mother in the village, and he sent the mom’s number to the woman. A few days after he purportedly went offshores, the young man’s cousin called this woman, crying on phone. According to the woman, she was shocked and scared at the same time, thinking that something terrible has happened to the woman she referred to as ‘mama.’ When the young man was calm enough to speak, he told this woman that mama fell off the staircase and hit her head on the floor. He said blood was oozing from her ears and nose, and he had quickly rushed her to the hospital, and they were infact at the hospital at the moment. He went further to say that the doctor demanded for five hundred thousand naira (#500,000) deposit before they could commence treatment. He then told the woman to speak with the doctor as he handed the phone over to the doctor.

Now, here is where it gets weird. According to the woman’s account, she said when the doctor started speaking with her, he said a lot of money was needed if mama’s life must be saved. The woman responded that she is not related to the patient in any way, and does not have that kind of money. Suddenly, in a very authoritative voice, the doctor commanded her to ‘go and look for money’, and that was where she lost her senses. She said a strange force overpowered her, and she started transferring all the money she had into the account number the doctor gave her. She also sent out the account number to her friends and family members to help transfer some money to the account, and most of them did just that. She ended up sending about six million naira (#6,000000) to the doctor before she could regain her senses. The young man who was ostensibly in a rig offshores called her the next day and told her she has just been scammed. He cautioned her against trying to track him with the police, as that will be an effort in futility. And that was how he switched off his phones, and disappeared into thin air.

This case triggered off a lot of questions and research which eventually paid off, and we arrived at the sad and painful conclusion that majority of internet fraudsters are no longer relying on their wit or smartness to dupe unsuspecting people of their hard earned money, but have rather gone diabolical, engaging in ritual killing and dismemberment of ladies, stealing and using ladies pants and menstrual pads, and also eating of human faeces all in a bit to amass power to control and influence their targeted victims to do their bidding.

But it’s so unfortunate that many of these money-loving boys end up tragically. Most of them either die in their prime, or run mad.

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