Tips On How To Find A Husband

A Facebook user has taken to social media to educate single ladies on things to do, and things to avoid if they want to get a husband.

He wrote “If you are a lady and don’t have a serious date, but you are of age and fully ready to settle down, follow my guidelines.

  1. Pray to God for your own Husband.
  2. Dress well and smart.
  3. Apply perfume whenever you are going out.
  4. Always put on smiles.
  5. Learn how to greet people, especially guys.
  6. Be generous and kind.
  7. Develop yourself, I.e get education and a skill.
  8. Stop snubbing people, especially guys.
  9. Learn how to be checking on people, especially your male friends, through phone calls and text messages.
  10. Attend parties and other social gatherings.
  11. Make friends with people.
  12. Learn how to surprise people with gifts.
  13. Learn how to socialize with people.
  14. Don’t be too demanding on people, especially when you just meet them.
  15. Liberate yourself from “Love is scam” syndrome, and open your heart for love.
  16. Snap fine pictures and post on social media. You can tag some of your male friends you consider mature and responsible.
  17. Stay where you will be noticed in your church and get yourself involved in the things of God.
  18. If you have any special skill, don’t hide yourself. Always come out and showcase it.
  19. Stop involving yourself in gossips.
  20. Ensure you mingle with reasonable and mature people. At this point stop dating unnecessarily and aimlessly.
  21. Stay away from other people’s husbands.

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