People Say In Unhappy Relationships Out Of Altruism

When a relationship starts going sour, it’s not quite as simple as stamping your feet and calling it quits.

Staying in an unhappy relationship might sound futile and foolish, but it’s not uncommon, and now there’s a scientific reason as to why this may be.

Researchers at the University of Utah claim that people persist in fractured romantic partnerships because they feel the other person is too dependent on them, leaving them feeling unable to simply walk away out of altruism.

Previous research has linked persisting with unhappy relationships to self-interested needs, such as not wanting to be alone or fearing they won’t find another partner.

However, the new findings reveal that people are actually more empathetic when it comes to considering breakups.

Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the study reveals that the more dependent a person believes their partner to be, the less likely they are to initiate a breakup, ultimately suggesting that people stay in unfulfilling relationships for the sake of their partner’s needs rather than their own.

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