Nigerians React To Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s Action

Many Nigerians have taken to social media to condemn in its strongest terms what they referred to as Rev. Mbaka’s “show of shame”.

This was in response to Mbaka’s attempt to force the PDP vice presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, to disclose the amount of money he intends to donate to Adoration Ministry, a ministry headed by Mbaka.

According to the video which has gone viral on social media,Mr Peter Obi declined announcing his donation,stating that he will meet with Rev Mbaka privately to tell him what he intends doing for the church.

The anger of Nigerians is not the fact that Rev Mbaka asked for money,but the way he went about it.Some view it as a clear indication of greed on the part of the clergy, and even calling for his expulsion as a priest, while others interpret Mr Obi’s adamant and cool demeanour as a show of strength and maturity.

Interestingly the Catholic Diocese of Enugu,through its Director of Communications, has condemned outrightly Father Mbaka’s political sentiments,where the later stated that Peter Obi and Atiku will fail the presidential election if they don’t donate to his ministry.

The Catholic Church distances itself from Mbaka and his political pronouncements, saying that the church is supposed to be apolitical, and it’s therefore wrong for any priest to stand on the pulpit to make any political statement.

He concluded by saying that Rev Mbaka’s utterances did not in any way reflect the position of the church, as the priest spoke on his own.


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