Here Comes Another Dora Akunyili

By Austin Edoho

When the late Prof. Dora Akunyili set out on the mission to rebrand Nigeria a decade ago, very few Nigerians had confidence in the expected long-term result and impact of the exercise. This was due to the fact that the proverbial bad eggs in the crate of eggs far out-numbered the good eggs.

Consequently, while some were glad at the prospect of re-branding the country, many others saw the federal government-sponsored activity as an exercise in futility. To them, the “good people, great nation” slogan was nothing more than just a slogan which did not in any way reflect the true state of the country and its citizens. This is because they knew for a fact, that to re-brand a nation, you must first re-brand the minds of the people.

Pathetically though, a decade after the country-wide re-branding project which sought to change the negative impression that the international community had about Nigeria and Nigerians, the story still remains the same, as Nigerians are still generally and commonly regarded as criminals and dubious people by the outside world.

Every facet of the country reeks of corruption, and the stench is so nauseating and appalling that any sane human would recoil at the foul smell. But the reverse is the case. Instead of confronting and eradicating the rot in the system, Nigerians who are benefiting from the moral decadence in the society have devised a means of covering the stench with cheap perfumes of sycophancy and indifference inorder to create the false impression that all is well. Corruption in Nigeria has enjoyed an enviable status; so much that it is now a generally accepted way of life.

   From the government to the churches, to the schools, to corporate organizations, the story remains the same. No one truly cares what others are doing, if it gratifies them and puts some money in their bank account. They feel they have to join the players and play the game lest they get thrown out and left to starve.

Interestingly, while corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society including the corporate world, while most Nigerians are busy trying to get a fair share of the proceed of corruption, there is at least one woman who decided to be different. She made up her mind to be thrown out, rather than join the dirty racket that her colleagues and bosses were involved in. She is the second Dora Akunyili.

She is a woman who chose to battle corruption in ExxonMobil to its knees; a woman who is on a mission to build a new Nigeria and make Nigeria Great Again.

Her name is Mfon Okon Daniel Abia, an indigene of Eket Local Government area of Akwa Ibom state, and a former employee of ExxonMobil.

Because of her refusal to join some highly placed group of persons to embezzle the company’s funds, she was unceremoniously kicked out of the company after putting in 7 solid years of committed and meritorious service in the company.

Not one to be easily deterred, Mfon Abia, who believes that impossibility is nothing, was determined to expose the corrupt people in ExxonMobil, and she did just that. She fought them on different social media platforms such as facebook, linkedin, etc.

And finally, after years of struggling and fighting for what she believed in, corruption in the multinational company has finally been brought to its knees with the exposure and dismissal of those who were found guilty of corruption and embezzlement.

Mfon is a strong believer in the Nigeria project. She believes that the country will be great again. Her mission is to create a new Nigeria, free of corruption and poverty.

According to her, ExxonMobil occupies a special place in her heart, and remains one of the best companies in Nigeria.

In her words, “Events of the past few months have strengthened my belief that someday Nigeria will rise again from her present fallen state, and ExxonMobil will be known for the great company that it is”.

“My earnest desire for my followers from Nigeria is that you will work in ExxonMobil. If your life does not get transformed after working there, it means you only passed through the company, but did not allow ExxonMobil pass through you.

“Disregard whatever you see going on in that great company and write down what I want to say to you. I have seen it happen while I worked there and after I was thrown out in December, 2016 by my bosses who were busy carrying out fraudulent activities with reckless abandon.

“The company is currently cleansing the system, and regardless of who you are, if you are caught, you are going. ExxonMobil does not look at your face. If you like, dance around my friend & Uncle, Uncle Udom Inoyo, one of my lifesavers in MPN. You would only be wasting your time.

One of those days while in MPN, he called me and said, “Mfon, if I hear that you are involved in any of these things, you are going (words paraphrased by me). I was wondering what he had heard, and I was determined not to let him down. His words guided me, and I rose above every form of corruption.”

With the expulsion of the corrupt ones from the company, the delectable Mfon recently organized a victory party in her home town to celebrate her victory which she dedicated to the people of Eket, and Akwa Ibom state in general.

The event was well-attended by indigenes of Eket, and other oil producing communities of the state.

Of a truth, we can authoritatively say that ExxonMobil has found in Mfon Abia, someone in the similitude of Dora Akunyili who is upright, sincere, and ready to do whatever it takes to ensure there is no trace of corruption left in the multinational company.

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