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Q: Do I need an account to comment on SNN posts?

A: No, you don’t need to create an account before you can start commenting. You also do not need
an account to read the stories posted here.
You can also comment on
SNN from your Facebook account, and it will reflect on the SNN platform. (PLEASE ENABLE THE FACEBOOK COMMENT

Q: How do I submit my story for publication?

A: Go to the top right hand of the SNN homepage. You will see (Submit your story).Click on it and submit your story,pictures, and videos all for FREE!

Q: How much does it cost to advertise on SNN platform?

A: For all adverts enquiries,please contact us.(Highlight the “CONTACT US” And make it a link to the contact us page.)

Q: What kind of news stories can I send to SmartNews for publication?

A: Ensure your stories are factual, accurate, and objective. The
SmartNews Network will not entertain malicious and false stories with intent to discredit, malign, or deceive readers. Cross check your
facts before sending it to us, as we will not hesitate to disassociate from anyone known for such unethical and unprofessional journalism practices.

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