Diary Of A Playboy

(The Encounter)

It was a very uneventful day. It had rained all through the morning hours, and I was indoors the entire day, lonely and bored.

The female friends I related with seemed to have gone to their boyfriend’s houses for the weekend, and I was left with no one to attend to me. Yes, I did have some female friends who came around once in a while, give me what I want, then went back to wherever they came from, but I wasn’t in any steady or serious relationship.

I wasn’t ready for the hassles and sleepless nights that come with being the official boyfriend to a girl. I preferred having them on part time basis. I had some married women on my list also. Yes, I gave them a good time, and most of them kept coming back for more.

But I can’t just call any of them up from the blue and ask her to come over. No. I take it slow with these ones, as I didn’t want to be involved in a scandal.

Married women appeal to younger guys who want to enjoy the privileges of being in a relationship without accepting responsibility. They sleep with these women, obtain money from them, and spend the money on younger girls somewhere. If these married women eventually get pregnant, there is a ready-made scapegoat to take responsibility for the pregnancy-their husbands. So at the end, everyone is happy and safe. (These DNA saga you’ve been hearing about is real. Most fathers are not the father of their “children”).

But these married women fail to realize the truth that the moment their husbands send them parking from their marital homes, the boyfriends would automatically lose their immunity, and would no longer find the woman attractive. So she will lose on both fronts. It is only in a few cases that the illicit relationship continues after the woman has been sent away by the husband. Anyway, what any woman decides to do or to not do is none of my business. Any married woman who forever reason decides to engage in an extramarital affair should get ready to face the consequences. And those young men who prey on people’s wives will soon tell their story, as i’m doing now. it doesn’t ever end well.

So for the meantime, I was content having those part time babes come over, have a nice time, and go back. It was only on days such as these that I wish I had a steady girl I can invite over at the snap of my fingers. But not all wishes come true.

Inspite of the kind of immoral life I lived, I was still a very religious person, and I tried as much as possible to always be in church on Sundays. And I loved looking good and clean shaven when I go to church, as you may never tell which lady would see you and take interest. For that reason, I lazily stood up from the bed, got dressed, and decided to go have a haircut in a nearby salon. Little did I know that a serious adventure was about to begin.

To be continued…


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