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Dealing With Prostate Enlargement

With Christiana Olapade-Ojo

Are you a man that has been actively having sex in the belief that it will protect your prostate from enlarging (Benign prostate hyperlasia) or developing cancer?

Well, you may need to rethink taking the opinion of some doctors and health experts that doing so will enhance your prostate health, as a contrary view backed by clinical and laboratory findings indicate that indeed, going celibate, or having sex in strict moderation, especially as you grow older, may be the answer to saving yourself from the malignant and life threatening disease.

In this indepth interview, a natural/herbal medical practitioner, Mrs. Christiana Olapade -Ojo, says contrary to the hitherto widely held view, intense sexual activity is linked to enlargement of prostate size, and cautioned against excesses by the elderly.

Let’s meet you

My name is Mrs Christiana Olapade-Ojo. I am a clinical herbalist, and a Director at the Natural Resources Laboratories (NARL) Clinic for phytomedicinal research, an Ibadan- based centre, founded by the renowned late Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) consultant and Geneticist, Prof Ebenezer Olapade. I am a happily married woman, and a proud mother of two handsome boys.

Tell us about your research on prostate enlargement

Well, my work is a very interesting and demanding work. However, I am not reinventing the wheel at all, as a 1941 experiment by Nobel Prize award-winning scientist, Charles Huggins, had already confirmed my assertion. I am usually shocked about the prevalent ignorance about the subject when I hear people peddling falsehood.

The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive organ. Its main role in males is that it serves as the center for the production of semen, because what the testes produce is spermatozoa, that is the sperm that comes out when the man ejaculates. The sperm swims in the semen.

Apart from that, the prostate acts as a biological tap. How? During sexual intercourse, while it is producing semen, it enlarges. By enlarging, it constricts the urethra, that is the pipe that brings urine out of the bladder through the penis, so that urine cannot come out. That is why when a man has intercourse he cannot urinate at the same time and after intercourse, it will take him a few minutes depending on it. By the time you are getting older, it will start taking longer for you to pass urine after intercourse.

If such condition gets acute, then you should know something is getting wrong. It means that your prostate is not shrinking back to the size it used to shrink back to when you were 16 years old. Those are some of the signs we tell men to look out for. When you were younger and you have intercourse, you can almost go and urinate may be 30 seconds or one minute after, but by the time you are getting older, you may need to stay in the toilet for almost 4-5 minutes before you finish passing the urine. It means the person is beginning to experience mild retention.

What exactly causes prostate enlargement?

What makes the prostate enlarge and not come back is unknown, but it is known that it grows through the man’s course of sexual activity throughout his life. It is like the heart, it keeps working, so it gets to a point where it enlarges and it does not come back to size. The original size of the prostate is about the size of an average walnut, but by the time it enlarges, some prostates enlarge to the size of a cherry or the size of an orange.

Charles Huggins’ experiment links sexual activity with prostate size. What causes it is something we do not know, but Charles Huggins was able to do this experiment in 1941 which earned him the Nobel Prize: he castrated a certain male dog and kept it in a separate cell. Let’s call that cell A. In cell B, he kept another dog which he did not castrate. He then kept one female dog with the second dog. In cell C, he kept another fertile dog that he did not castrate with two dogs, and then another with three and then another dog that was not castrated in the fifth cell.

At the end of the experiment, he killed all the dogs and he checked their prostate. The castrated dog was just a control. The one with one female dog had a moderately enlarged prostate. The one with three female dogs had the largest prostate. While in the dog that wasn’t castrated, and without any female dog, the prostate remained normal. That experiment was able to strongly link sexual activity with prostate size.

Is prostate enlargement linked to sexual activities?

From my observation of patients and clinical evidence, the chances of a sexually hyper-active person having enlarged prostate is higher. I have seen two young men; one was 38 years old, while the other was 42, with enlarged prostate, which is a complete anomaly. In the course of interviewing the one of 38, we found out that he’s a male prostitute in Port Harcourt, while the one of 42 is gay, so he’s always having sex. Now, if you look at the experiment that Charles Huggins did in 1941, there’s a strong link between sexual activity and the size of the prostate, because why is it that the dog with three females had a larger prostate gland than the dog with one female? Also, why did the one with no female maintain a normal prostate?

We have seen a case of a man who wasn’t married and claimed to be a monk, and he had enlarged prostate. I kept questioning him and discovered that he masturbates. Even while he was receiving treatment, he was still masturbating. He was about 62, and when I told him, he left for about two months and later came back. How did I know? It’s simple mathematics: you are not married, you don’t have children, but somehow your prostate is enlarged, today it will shrink, tomorrow otherwise, because normally when we are treating patients, we tell them to abstain from sex, and for a while his prostate became normal. Each time you ejaculate, you are straining your prostate gland. So these are some of the anomalies that we have seen.

I’ve had some people ask me whether or not sex is good for prostate gland, and I tell them that no. It is simple logic. It’s like when you have a weak heart and then, they tell you to go and be doing exercise every morning. That is not the best thing for that heart, because the heart is already weak. So in the area of prostate, sex and the prostate enlargement are directly related.

So for men, nature has designed it so well that the older you grow, the more your libido declines, although in women it declines faster. But most men would go and use enhancers just to perform better in bed. The God that designed libido to decline with age knows that at that age, you don’t need it that much anymore. The best you can do, if you feel like okay you want to have fun, you could do foreplay. There are so many ways a man and woman can satisfy each other without necessarily straining the prostate gland of the men. So sex and prostate enlargement are very directly related.

Is Prostate life threatening? And what are the signs to look for?

Yes, in some cases, the condition could become life threatening. For instance, when there is acute retention. Men should look out for this among other symptoms: Is it starting to take longer before you pass out urine immediately after intercourse? Secondly, how often do you get up in the night to urinate? The moment you start urinating more than three times, it is time for you to go and do a prostate checkup. We call it a prostate health assessment.

The third one is, you find some elderly men when they get to the toilet to pee, they’ve already wet their boxers. It comes out in trickles, and then when they even get to the loo to urinate, it takes them minutes, sometimes 3-5 minutes to finish the stream, because when it’s coming out it will stop. They have to sometimes press below their navel for the stream to continue, so there’s break in stream. If you look at children for instance, when some boys were younger, there were times when they could point their pee to the ceiling. That curve that the urine can perform begins to get lower in older men. The lower it gets, the more the need for them to become conscious of their prostate health. And then, the worst part of it is acute retention, when the man can no longer pass urine at all. The moment it gets to that, we need to give them a palliative procedure.

Tell us about the Orthodox treatment for prostate, and its disadvantages

We know that in orthodox treatment, the most available remedy is the surgical removal of the prostate gland. The most effective one is the removal of the testes of the man, because once there is no production of sperm, you can be rest assured that the prostrate will not be activated to produce semen. Sometimes, some men will agree to have their testes and the prostate gland which often is part of the male reproductive organ removed. But most men will never agree to that, because that will completely render them sterile and in most cases they won’t be able to have sex anymore.

The second option is to partially remove the enlarged prostate gland. For instance, if it is swollen a bit, effort is made to remove at least 80-90 percent of the tissue. The whole tissue cannot be removed without endangering other organs, because the tissue is designed in such a way that it is embedded even within the urethra, such that if it is to be removed, this and other things would have to be cut. It’s however regrettable that, despite the partial removal, and because of the regenerative nature of the prostate cells, it always grows back.

Besides this, the orthodox solution option also has a whole lot of disadvantages, one of it being that in the course of surgery, there are times when the urethra is irreversibly damaged. And then you have men experiencing incontinence. They don’t even know when they want to pee, and they pee on their bodies for the rest of their lives. There are times when that happens after surgery, and then it corrects itself, but not in all cases. The second problem is that, in the course of the surgery, something may happen, and the man may heal and the prostate may be okay, and he may never be able to have erection again, because there has been irreversible damage on the nerves in the course of surgery.

Tell us about the natural/herbal treatment

In the herbal treatment, here we have developed mixtures, a therapy for the management of that enlargement, and going to 30 years now, there has not been any record of side effects. There is nothing like incontinence, because the therapy does not in any way tamper with the organ. They are all oral preparations that the person will take and then it will just help the body control the tumour, shrink the tumour and the person can live a normal life.

About 17 years ago, in 2002, my father, Professor Ebenezer Olapade, presented his findings in Hungary at a conference of the Horticultural Association of Hungary, and there, he was able to showcase how the centre has managed enlarged prostate using mixtures that are locally made. It’s not like any of the mixtures are imported, they are all locally made. They are our local vegetables and local minerals that we are all used to, and then within a period of 12 weeks of administration, the PSA falls back to the normal range of 0-4. Once it climbs above 4, that is a red alert that this person needs to be attended to. The moment it is above 10-15, we suspect and handle it that this person’s enlargement could be cancerous, and then we administer cancer managing mixtures on that person along with what will shrink the prostate gland. And there has been tremendous success for every single person with a 99.9% success rate.

More than 800 elderly men that have used this mixture have given us a good report. But then, we don’t just base it on their oral report. Before they start the treatment, they go for a pelvic scan. That tells us the size and texture of their prostate. And then after taking the mixture, they do the same test, which tells us it’s now normal. What we do is that we place them on a maintenance dose. It is observed that the prostate gland is regenerative. It’s just like the cell of the liver, it regenerates itself. So when they go for surgery and they cut it, what most people do not know is that after surgery, within a period of 22-24 months, it will grow back again. With our medication, when you have used it, it will shrink back to normal size. It will grow back again if the person does not continue using the maintenance dose, so for treatment, the dosage is different from maintenance.

What we normally advise men is that once they are approaching their 50s and their prostate gland is still healthy, we tell them if you are using this mixture, your prostate gland will not enlarge, because it will keep it in its healthy state. That is one landmark achievement.



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